About Us

Dot K Products was founded by Nisha McNair, a proud woman veteran born and raised in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn NY.

In 2015, after closing down a neighborhood lounge she owned, she began to focus on her passion of styling natural hair. However, she was concerned with the types of products her clients were using in their hair and she began researching the ingredients. After discovering all of the chemicals used in many of the store-bought products, she took to the lab and created her first, all-natural, organic hair butter.  It was an instant success and immediately highly sought after.

After receiving a prophetic word from her pastor, the founder hit the ground running, and in a a few short months began expanding the line to all-natural body and home products as well. 

At Dot K Products, we are committed to providing you with hair, body, and home products, made from health conscious and quality ingredients, that we know you will come to love. 

***Please note that although all ingredients are carefully selected, Dot K Products cannot guarantee that all are hypoallergenic. Please read ingredient list for each item carefully as Dot K Products is not responsible for any allergic reaction to our products. Should you incur a skin reaction after use of our products, please stop using immediately and consult a physician.