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Sharnik P. says this about the Pink Lemonade Hair Butter and Citrus Sunshine Body Butter:

I love the scent! I’m using this in conjunction with a defining cream for my natural hair twist-out. I can’t wait to try the other scents.

I’ll admit, it’s hard purchasing body butters without being able to smell them before purchase. I was pleasantly surprised when I received my Citus Sunshine in the mail. It was love at first sniff. I applied it after my shower as instructed—3 hours later, the scent is still there and my skin feels great!!


Twanna M. says this about the Pink Lemonade Hair Butter:

I am an avid user of Dot K products! And now, my baby girl will be as well!!! Brianna (newborn, 1 month old) suffered with severe cradle cap. She had hard and red patches all over her head and the flakes were incredible. The Pediatrician said it's normal for newborns and should clear by itself. LIES!!! It totally got worse. I decided to put some Dot K Products hair butter on her hair and scalp to see what would happen as the hair butter works great for me. This morning she woke up with JUST A FEW FLAKES!!! The red, hard patches are gone!! The back of her scalp used to be red and peely and IT'S GONE!!!!! It was bad... so bad! And now it's just a few flakes and only on one part of her head!!!!!! Y'all need to get on this!!!! These products are amazing!!


Pam B. says this about the Blackberry Cocoa Hair Butter:

So my girl put me on to Dot K Butter and this stuff is LEGIT!!! Moisturizes your hair thoroughly without weighing it down. . I just love this stuff so much, I ordered 3 different yummy scents!! And now..I'm waiting on the new body Butter in the mail!!! I can't wait to try it out!! Anybody interested in an order, hit Dot K Products up!!! You won't be disappointed!!!


Faith B. says this about the Hair, Body, and Lip Butter:

I've become obsessed with this product! Everything about it is amazing and screams nourishment for the hair, body, and lips. Support this amazing black-owned business. Purchase all your body lip and hair care needs at www.dotkproducts.com. 


Crystal A. says this about the Body Butter:

I LVE this body butter I have been using from Dot K Products. It's smells delightful and keeps my skin moisturized and feeling silky and smooth. Not to mention that my husband enjoys it on my skin as well.


Shannon G. says this about the Citrus Sunshine Body Butter and Honey Hive Body Scrub:

This was my first order with Dot K and I must say that I am EXTREMELY please with the quality of all items ordered. Can someone say "LIFETIME CUSTOMER". The Citrus Sunshine whipped body butter and Honey Hive sugar body scrub are to die for and small absolutely DELICIOUS! I can't keep this to myself sooooo Yes!...all of my nieces will receive Dot K as stocking stuffers :-)